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domingo, 31 de mayo de 2020

Why Support?   

When you support the youth of Huron District, you are offering a young person a chance to experience Scouting. Today’s youth are faced with many issues such as poverty, violence, and struggles in education. The Huron district meets the  developmental needs of youth in urban areas of Saint Paul and Minneapolis.

Scouting emphasizes ethics and moral values, while addressing many social concerns that parents and youth face. Scouting prepares and encourages inner-city youth to be leaders, accept responsibility, be accountable, and to care about principles beyond their own self-interest.

The Average cost of Scouting in each school program

$ 4,572 - Direct Program Support

$ 618 - Interns Curriculum Support

$ 594 - Additional Expenses

$ 95 - Support Staff

$ 34 - Facility Rental 

$ 5,913 - Total Cost Per Year


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